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I joined Jiny after working in a large setup. Big organisations operate very differently and you are just a part of one of the existing processes in the company. Remember that your work will only contribute to a small micro result or delivery for the company. Chances are that you may just be another engineer working on optimising (mostly) and not building some kick-ass product.

My journey at Jiny started even before we were prepping for the MVP. The speed and rigour that was required for decision making while building a breakthrough product like Jiny was enormous. Just three people then would try and figure out the best architecture and approach to any problem that we were trying to address. It was fun and challenging both.

I have seen Jiny come a long way since then. Our processes have evolved and we’re trying to excel each of them. We’ve been a very closely knit team united by different backgrounds or company functions. I admire how we have made mistakes and learnt from it every single time.

Our engineering culture speaks volumes when it comes to solving complex technological problems and we are proud (yet humble) about it. I am thankful that I had an opportunity to participate in the company’s mission with the best set of engineers.

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