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I started my career as a data scientist at Cogoport. The curiosity about human mind and the idea of making sense out of a pile of data has always been fascinating to me. Little did I know that within a short span of 6 months into my career, I would make a shift to hardcore software development.

I joined Jiny as a software engineer in Dec 2019. It was not only an interesting place to be in but also posed bigger challenges for me. Right from day 1, there has been a pleasant experience to be working with some of the nicest and smart people. Everyone in the team is together when we hit a roadblock and collectively look for a way ahead.

I always wanted to build for masses and create value for end users. The problem that Jiny is solving is very real and large. In your daily lives, you can see people walking around and struggling to use complicated mobile apps. Solving for them makes me thrilled everyday. My journey has just started and I believe that we are going to scale greater heights in the days to come.

Apart from work, we as a team play football together where I get to show off my dribbling moves. One day I would want to just land on a random place on our planet and learn about human behaviours.

If you are also a fanatic like me, do consider looking at our opportunities:

Visit www.jiny.io/careers

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