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I co-founded DoSelect in 2014 right after college where we built a technical screening platform to evaluate engineers. Towards the end of 2018, I decided to part my ways with the company which we built from scratch and grew to a certain stage. The journey of building a startup comes at huge costs and at the same time it is equally rewarding.

My next move had to be something that was challenging and solving a large problem. I was welcomed to the team as its first marketer. From day 1, we have been consistently making conscious choices that results in high impact. Over the period of last few months we realised that your product/ service placement in the enterprise market can be complex.

Early on we were able to work with some great customers that helped us to draw out our biases. Many say – “Timing is everything” and all of us at Jiny are in agreement with the statement. Our first video campaign received critical feedback from investors, potential customers as well as people around us. The campaign was tied with a press release activity talking about the launch of “World’s first Assistive UI platform”. It was also around the same time that Jio pushed their campaign about “Jio Saarthi”. This helped us tie our announcement press releases/ coverage with a success story through Jio.

At Jiny, my time has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride with a young team of engineers, designers and entrepreneurs. The vibe that flows across the teams and people is second to none. We are taking a risk to solve a huge problem for the next billion users – adoption. And everyday at Jiny is like starting up again.

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