Make your product
Bharat friendly

Add Jiny smart assistant to your app and guide your users, step-by-step. Drive transactions and product adoption in Bharat

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Jiny in media

Human like guidance within your app

Like humans, Jiny can recognize what’s on the user’s screen and guide them, contextually. Jiny speaks user’s native language and tells them where to click on-screen

Drive user action & conversions

Hand hold your users, at every step in their journey and convert them instantly. Eliminate all onboarding friction through Jiny’s natural user Interface

Drive payments in Bharat

Guide your users through the entire payment funnel, including third party payment gateways and Bank’s OTP authentication pages

The Bharat Assistant

Jiny speaks all major Indian languages including Hindi, Bengali & Tamil. It creates a truly Bharat experience with vernacular audio layer on top

How it works


Add Jiny’s lightweight SDK to your mobile app with a single line of code


Design the audio-visual guidance for your app and we’ll configure them for you


Measure and analyse the performance of guidance on live analytics dashboard

Code-free & Instant publishing

Create and control the entire Guidance experience on the fly with zero code. Publish them to your users instantly, no app deployment required


For e-commerce consumer enterprises